You have decided to Start Your Home Based Business.

We live in a time when setting up your own business has never been easier or more accessible. You don’t have to risk your financial security that you get (fingers crossed) with employment. You can start working at home, in your spare time and make additional income.

If you really want to work for yourself, you can do it. Starting by earning money in your spare time is almost risk-free, start a business whilst you’re still employed. I was on a six-figure salary in corporate business with a wife and three children to support. I woke before my children and got home after they had gone to bed. I was a weekend dad! Whilst I had had a long held desire to work for myself, spending more time with my family is what drove me to take the step.

I started, part-time, in May 2010, a couple of hours here and a couple there. Just six months later, I left my “day job”! I continue in that business to this day, it is K-lifestyles and it is now a Limited Company! When I started, apart from my wife and a couple of close friends, no one else knew what I was doing. I was almost embarrassed about my new “career”, yet many Network Marketers were saying that I should “recruit” family and friends. But I couldn’t do it!

I’ve since learnt that that was a good way to get those closest to me interested in what I was up to. They saw my lifestyle and that of my family improving and, inevitably, the questions came, “Tell me about what you do, Sean.”

Working in my own community of entrepreneurs, I network and sell products that people want. It’s so simple, I have never looked back.

I work in the day or evening or at the weekend, hours to suit me and my family. I see them whenever I want, we go out to wherever we want, when we want.

Next, I’ll discuss how repetition is so important in what I do.

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