Width And Depth in a Network

In Network or Multi-level Marketing, you’ll hear talk of “width” and “depth” in the organisation. In the illustration above, you’re the person at the top. If you build a network that looks like that, you’ll be the first! Ever!

Let’s get the word “Pyramid” out of the way – if you’re in employment, you’re in a pyramid! There is a hierarchy, you have a boss who is above you in the pyramid, you have to produce or you are out!

Network Marketing/MLM is not pyramid selling, that type of business structure is outlawed. Pyramid structures required a member of the scheme to buy product on a regular basis to remain part of the business. This lead to people ending up with garage fulls of stuff that cost a fortune and they didn’t make any money!

In selecting the structures that I work with, I made sure that reward is directly proportional to effort. So, if I introduce you and you work harder than me, you earn more than me – simple!

Say you’ve started your business “under” me (you’re not, you’ve started through my affiliate link), you’re part of my “width“. You then have someone start their business through your affiliate link, then that person is part of your width but my “depth“.

Next, I’ll look at if you need to build a network or not!

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