Duplication Is What Success Looks Like

Duplication is often mixed up with repetition and copying. In Network Marketing, it is quite different.

You’ll hear all sorts of descriptions for peoples’ position in a network – level #, down-line, up-line, principal, sponsor, tier # – but true Networks don’t have a hierarchical structure where power flows vertically and upward. Experience and teaching flows in both directions. Your position in a network is purely down to when you joined and doesn’t dictate your income potential.

My description of Duplication is as follows: You have introduced John who has introduced Mary who has introduced Bob to your network. You will have truly Duplicated when you have taught John how to teach Mary how to teach Bob about the whole business. This can be referred to as “breaking a leg” where you can leave John, in this example, to run his business with very little input from you.

After achieving duplication in this way, you move onto starting a new leg in your business.

Next, I’m going to be looking at “width” and “depth” in a network.

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